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There is also an adjoining nine hole course, offering more of a mix with rolling mountains throughout. Not one, but actually 2 Courses, and less than 10 minutes from the airport. My third choice , Phuket Country Club, which is one of the older courses, but very nice, well maintained, and certainly challenging, flatter ground but lots of water and sand traps all about. They all have their own character, mountains, unique water channels, sand traps,and many other unique challenges. So, I flew down there last week , spent a few days, and played a few rounds of golf at different courses. . So, there are three of my favorite choices for starters in Phuket. And if you ever have the chance to visit Phuket, you will never be disappointed. I actually wanted to see the overall area, and how reconstruction has progressed.
Thailand is just a bit larger that the state of California in comparison. I let you in on Blue Canyon, and briefly, it is a championship course, even Tiger has played there. That is one great thing about travel in Thailand, everything is reasonably priced, even domestic flights, travel anywhere country wide, and most other destinations are all within 1 hour or so away. Laguna is rated approximately number 10 of the best courses in Thailand, country wide from the many hundreds.
Now there are 6 international airports country wide, so depending where you are coming from, say Europe, you may just find it easy to reserve a direct flight into Phuket, setup a Golf travel package,and away you go. I thought I would take you traveling to Phuket Island. I will share a few of my Golf Course favorites in Phuket, PVC Decorative UV Varnish Suppliers one which tops my list is Blue Canyon Country Club. You probably have heard of Phuket do to the unfortunate Tsunami over a year ago. Thailand is becoming a very popular travel destination, especially with the new Airport now open and fully transitioned by September. To my surprise, although now rainy season, when things cleared, it was spectacular.
My second favorite, Laguna Phuket Golf Course, now mind you Phuket is a major tourist destination, we are talking about 5 star courses, a bit more for green fees, but well worth it, so always best to call for tee times, and transportation as well. There are just so many Golf Course options, I only gave you a few that I enjoy personally. Consider Thailand as a Golf Vacation destination and you will never forget your experience and the adventure.Amazing Thailand , as many may have heard about for exciting places to travel. I actually enjoy playing both if time allows, on the same day. I keep returning here because it continues to be a very challenging course.
For Golfers that travel, I can assure you, there are over 300 golf courses in Thailand, and you will never have a problem reserving a Tee time, and your money does go much farther for a Golfing vacation. The costs are very reasonable here. Although many options for the perfect vacation, I really enjoy a mix of golf during the early morning, a bit cooler, and stay around many of the beach areas later in the day, just minutes away. Not only are many resorts reconstructed, but upgraded, the beaches never looked so beautiful, and the tropical landscape at the Golf Courses was a sight to be seen, bring a camera is a must. What I really enjoy, is the mix of mountains, forest, jungle, ocean, and golfing in Phuket. Phuket for Golf near the ocean, actually the Andaman Sea which is just breath taking, and rich in sea life , plus many other things to do; its all right there, especially the seafood BBQs on the beaches, now where can you beat that, compare places and prices, you will be shocked.
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